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Our Top Tips For Winter Maintenance!

Qiana Smith

January 24, 2022

  • Don’t underestimate the need for engine warm-up and cool-down time. It’s essential that diesel engines are given at least 5 minutes to warm up in the winter months.  Plan ahead and make sure you allow time to get the engine going before pushing it hard.
  • Keep the fuel tank full. If the fuel tank is running low, condensation can form in the tank and freeze, causing blockages later down the line in the engine mechanism.
  • Check your batteries. Summer heat can cause corrosion and fluid evaporation so it’s worth giving the battery a full check before the cold sets in
  • General engine checks. It’s a good opportunity to give the engine a full once-over.  Check for any signs of leakage, rust or areas of damage.
  • Replenish all engine oil and coolant levels, checking you have the relevant amount of anti-freeze at the same time.
  • Consider winter storage options. Are you OK to leave it out in freezing temperatures?  Or is it worth giving it some shelter for further protection?

With 40 years of experience in diesel engines, we’ve come across many machines that have been neglected – especially in the winter months.  A lot of the preparation you need to do is simple (and common sense) but you just need to set aside the time to do it!

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