Delivery Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 This policy contains details of the delivery methods, periods and charges that apply to orders for our products whether made through our website, by telephone or email.

2. Geographical Limitations

2.1 We will usually be able to deliver to most countries and territories. This is agreed at the point of sale

2.2 There may be however areas that we cannot deliver to.

3. Delivery Methods & Periods

3.1 The methods that we use to deliver our products, and the time periods within which delivery is usually completed, are as follows:

(a) Most consignments are delivered on a pallet and it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange a fork truck or another machine to offload the pallet.

(b) In some circumstances we can arrange for the pallet to be delivered on a tail-lift truck.  If this is required, it must be requested at the point of order. It will then be confirmed by us whether this can be arranged.

(c) If your delivery address is on the United Kingdom mainland we can often offer next day delivery by carrier.  Some areas may take up to 3 days.

(d) If delivery is required very urgently we can often offer ‘same day’ service or even hire a dedicated vehicle.

(e) Delivery to countries outside the UK can also be arranged by road, sea freight or air freight as required.

4. Delivery Charges

4.1 Applicable delivery charges will depend upon the location of the delivery address, and the size and weight of the products in your order.

5. Receipt & Signature

5.1 All deliveries must be received in person at the delivery address, and a signature must be provided.

5.2 If required our delivery service provider can notify you in advance of attempting to make a delivery.

5.3 When goods are delivered to you it is your responsibility to check them on arrival before the carrier ticket is signed. Responsibility for damage in transit will only be accepted by the carrier if the delivery ticket is marked ‘damaged’. In addition it is your responsibility to inform us of any problems immediately.

6. Delivery Problems

6.1 If you experience any problems with a delivery, please contact us by phone and if possible by email.

6.2 If our delivery service provider is unable to deliver your products, and such failure is your fault. We will contact you to arrange re-delivery or collection by yourselves from the carrier depot. There will be a further charge for re-delivery.

6.3 An indicative list of the situations where a failure to deliver will be your fault is set out below:

(a) you provided the wrong address for delivery;

(b) there is a mistake in the address for delivery that was provided;

(c) the address for delivery is not reasonably accessible;

(d) the address for delivery cannot safely be accessed;

(e) there is no person available at the address for delivery to accept delivery and provide a signature.

(f) There is no provision provided, eg fork truck, for off-loading the consignment, where it has not been previously agreed for the delivery to be by a tail-lift truck.

7. Collections

7.1 Collections can be arranged of exchange engine returns. Engines should be drained of oil, secured to a pallet and film wrapped. The charge for the collection of the old engine is agreed at the point of sale of the original engine. If extra costs are incurred by you in connection with this, these will be chargeable to yourselves.

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