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Industrial Engine Warnings: Is Your Engine Smoking?

Qiana Smith

June 20, 2021

Industrial Engine Warnings

Noticed that your engine is blowing out smoke? This is a basic indication that something isn’t right, and that action should be taken toavoid further damage being done to your engine.

There a 3 basic types of smoke; black, blue and white, each indicating a different set of potential issues.

Black Smoke

So, let’s start with black smoke. This generally points to an issue with the combustion of fuel.

  • Too much fuel being injected into the cylinders
  • An issue with the injection equipment (dirty or worn)
  • Incorrect timing

There are a number of issues that could be causing your engine to blow black smoke, and the above issues are just a few of the most common that we see.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke? This is generally an indication of oil being burnt, which can be the result of several different things, such as;

  • Worn valve guides/seals
  • Piston rings sticking
  • Incorrect grade of oil
  • Turbocharger issues – e.g. faulty seals

Like with black smoke, it’s a good idea to thoroughly check and replace any damaged or worn parts in order to avoid any further internal damage.

White Smoke

And this leaves white smoke. If your engine is blowing out white smoke, it means that diesel is coming through the exhaust completely intact and unburnt. This could be down to:

  • Faulty/damaged injectors
  • Incorrect injection timing (worn timing gear/damaged crankshaft)
  • Low cylinder compression
  • Air in the fuel
  • Water in the fuel

We would advise checking through all these things, checking the fuel supply to make sure there’s no water/air ingress, check for holes/cracks in fuel lines, and replace parts as necessary.

The above are not an exhaustive lists of potential issues causing excessive smoke from your engine but just serve as a few suggestions.

We would recommend that you get a qualified mechanic/engineer to check these through plus any other items that they may feel it’s necessary to check.

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