So, when you see this…

Service exchange price £3250 + VAT

Surcharge pending return of serviceable old unit + £400 + VAT

Or outright purchase price £3650 + VAT

…what it means is, you will pay the outright price, but if you decide to send in your old unit, we will refund you the surcharge amount.

The best part about this is you can have both your old unit and your replacement engine side by side in order to swap across any items that are specific to your spec, and still be paid for your old unit!

What happens when I send in my old unit? All old units that come into us go through a series of workshop checks to assess anything that may make the engine unserviceable. Once these are complete, your old unit will be passed through to be approved for a credit. Once approved, a credit will be raised, we will contact you for bank details, and the refund will be made! Please allow up to 2 weeks for your old unit to undergo this process.

Can you collect my old unit? Yes, this is a service we offer, and one many of our customers go for because its so simple. It’s a standard £55 pallet charge, which we just deduct out of the surcharge being refunded. Just give us a ring and we will arrange the collection there and then!

What if I want to keep my old unit? That’s also fine. Just let us know that you will be going for the outright purchase option, and we will make sure this is stated on the invoice.

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