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Does An Engine Replacement Have To Be An Exact Match?

Qiana Smith

September 12, 2021

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get the exact engine replacement match for your model. In that circumstance, there are a few major points to watch out for.

The list below should help cover off some of these, although it is not an exhaustive list:

  • Hydraulic power take off points. Some engines have an extra facility for power take-offs on the side of the engine rather than off the flywheel end.  Replacement engines may not have this option if they aren’t a direct match.
  • Turbo position – is the turbo facing the right way to connect to the exhaust system? If it is not in the same place, will you be able to swap the old turbo across?
  • Position of service items. Make sure that you will be able to access the filters and dipsticks when the engine is installed.  Some configurations have service items on the opposite side of the engine which means they are buried into the machine once everything is installed.
  • Power of engine. Different engines will have different power ranges which you will need to check against your current one.  Sometimes a drop in power is acceptable but it may mean your engine is overworked depending on the application.
  • Block and engine mounting differences. Some engine blocks have differences, even within the same models so it is worth getting in touch to check this through.  Engine mountings may also need engineering to meet your requirements.
  • Injection system – check that you are replacing like-for-like injection systems (i.e. manual or ECU controlled)

We must reiterate that this is not an exhaustive list and we would strongly recommend a phone call to discuss your specific situation on hand.


There is also a lot of talk around emissions at the moment with regards to replacement engines. Whilst we are not in a position to categorically advise on this, we may be able to give some broad guidelines on the various approaches from different brands.

In conclusion, we’re only a call away. With over 40 years of supplying replacement engines, Industrial Engines has overcome many challenges so remain confident that we can advise on the fastest way to get you back up and running again.

Engine Replacement Model - Does It Need To Be An Exact Match


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