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Should I Repair, Rebuild, Or Replace My Engine?

Qiana Smith

February 5, 2024

Engine Repair, Replacement or Rebuild Considerations

This question is one that tends to come up a lot in the industrial engine industry, mainly with regards to higher value machinery.

At Industrial Engines, we advise that you look at multiple things before you ultimately make the decision of whether to carry out an engine repair, replacement or rebuild.

Many things can and will influence your decision-making process including, finances, the machines age and condition, the machines environment and how important the machine is to the everyday running of the business and for maintaining productions rates.

As the engine gets older, the more repairs it will need, and you could potentially have to pay more for engine parts if they become rare or even worse, obsolete. It is advisable to check out our Engine Parts range as we supply hundreds of parts from leading brands such as Perkins and Deutz.

A good way to determine which financial route to take is, if the cost of the engine repair is more half the cost of replacing it, replacement may be a better option financially.

Another thing to consider is the warranty of the machine. If the machine or engine is still under warranty and this covers the cost of repairs, then this is nearly always the best option. Another time when repairing is beneficial is when the machine is needed for a job in the near future, and it only requires a quick fix.

A full rebuild is always more expensive than repairing and sometimes, for the smaller engines, it can be more expensive than replacing the engine in its entirety!

However, there are a few instances where engine rebuilding is a good option. If your engine is of a particular spec and a standard engine of the same model wouldn’t fit, rebuilding the engine is a good route to ensure there are no major differences spec wise.

This way, we can get your machine back up and running as soon as possible to save you downtime. Another time when rebuild is beneficial, is when the engine is no longer in production.

Some machines are only catered to a specific engine model and if this model is no longer obtainable, rebuild is the only option. The only challenge with this is that it can become very expensive if parts for the engine are rare.

If neither of the above options are suitable, replacement of your engine is the right route to take. There are many reasons that our customers choose to replace an engine such as: cost, time, and reliability.

Obtaining a substitute engine identical to the original for your machine is usually more time-efficient, especially when the task is time-sensitive and relies on the machine being able to run in a normal manner.

At Industrial Engines, we ship next day or same day collection to save you downtime. This is why we stock a variety of engine makes and models to help our customers get back to work as soon as they can.

Another reason people choose to replace their engine is if the repairs or rebuild costs are similar to a replacement. A replacement engine can make more financial sense at the time and will make the machine more salable in the long run.

In addition to this, we offer service exchange options so you can trade in the old engine and get some money back for it.

Lastly, a replacement engine is generally more reliable than a repair job and we also offer warranty with all of our replacement options to give our customers extra piece of mind.

You can browse our range of drop-in replacements here. 

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