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Deutz diesel engines are all over the construction industry wherever you look. Our stock includes 1011, 1011F, 2011, 1012, 2012, 1013, 2013, 1015, 2015, 912, 913, 914 and 2009 engine models. Also, used in crushers and screeners, Deutz diesel engines are a popular choice for power and reliability.

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How Good Are DEUTZ Engines?

DEUTZ engines are among the most reliable and are found in industrial equipment and commercial vehicles all around the world.

A testament to their durability and reliability can be found in a DEUTZ Tractor, the Fahr F22 which was manufactured in 1939 and is powered by a DEUTZ F2M414 twin-cylinder diesel engine, which is still running today!

Since the middle of the last century DEUTZ have produced the some of the most powerful, compact, fuel-efficient diesel engines.

Their reputation has been well earned as a producer of some of the cleanest, high-quality diesel engines on the market and DEUTZ are industry leaders in excelling with ventilation requirements.

What Are DEUTZ Engines Used In?

DEUTZ are engine specialists, and their range of air and liquid-cooled engines are used in construction equipment, quarrying equipment, mining equipment, agricultural machines, commercial vehicles, railroad vehicles, material handling equipment amongst many other applications.

Having been around and making engines for decades and decades DEUTZ engines have been used in a wide variety of vehicles and machinery worldwide.

DEUTZ are the main supplier of engines to the Swedish auto manufacturers Volvo AB.

Agricultural giant AGCO has partnered with them for the engines on a range of tractors.

Visa SpA is a leading Italian manufacturer of Power stations and power generating sets who have signed an agreement to use DEUTZ engines.

DEUTZ made commercial vehicles under the Magirus Deutz brand name but was meged with Fiats Iveco division prior to being sold to Fiat in 1980.

2018 saw Deutz sign a deal to partner with 3 Chinese manufacturers SANY, HORIZON and BEINEI.

2023 will see the first deliveries of engines by DEUTZ to Bergmanns (or Bergmann Maschinebau GmbH and Co. to use their full name) for use in their range of dumper trucks.

The largest manufacturer of mini Cranes in the world, the Japanese company Maeda has fitted a DEUTZ electric motor in its fully electric CC 1485 crawler crane which was unveiled at the Bauma trade fair 2022 and is expected to be in full production by 2023.

Does DEUTZ Still Make Air-Cooled Engines?

DEUTZ now produces air-cooled, liquid-cooled, and oil-cooled diesel engines across the globe through their network of distributors.

Throughout their history DEUTZ has made well over 4,000,000 air-cooled engines and shall continue to do so where environmental regulations on emissions permit.

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