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Are Yanmar Engines Good?

Qiana Smith

March 18, 2024

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Yanmar Engines!

Yanmar engines are known for their tough and excellent performances in heavy and agricultural machinery.

Not only do these engines provide a tough and excellent performance but they also produce very little noise whilst in operation and offer a great propulsion system.

But what make these engines specifically better from the rest on the market and which other agricultural brands use these engines in their machinery?

Who Are Yanmar?

Yanmar is a diesel engine which has been specifically made for heavy machinery, specifically agricultural equipment.

Yanmar Engines was originally founded in Osaka, Japan in 1912 – the same location as another diesel engine manufacturer originated from.

This company was Kubota which was founded many years prior to Yanmar in 1890. This is another leading manufacturer which produces powerful machinery for agricultural purposes and heavy goods machinery. However we are going to particularly focus in on the Yanmar and why this particular model of diesel engine is so good!

Yanmar originally started out creating gas engines for heavy goods vehicles until 1920 when the first vertical oil engine was launched for agricultural machinery.

From then on, technology adapted and in 1930, the diesel engine was launched, and this engine only produced 5 horsepower!

Until today where the company now have a number of powerful machinery and diesel engines within the agricultural and heavy goods sector.

The History Of The Air-cooled Yanmar Engine’s

Due to Yanmar being around for a number of years, they have certainly evolved and developed, both in their technology and the engines themselves…but how much have these engines improved and what did they start from?

When the air-cooled engines came out in the 1980’s, they were fitted with a starting handle which was considered extremely dangerous due to the potential kick back which could be caused.

A kickback from one of these engines is highly likely to break a wrist or cause the handle to become jammed, and a jammed handle revolving at 700rpm is a recipe for disaster!

This was until Yanmar introduced their recoil start pull chord and their electric start button.

Unfortunately, this new feature was not taken seriously to start with and was in fact mocked and overlooked.

This engine had been started with a starting handle for so many years, it was absurd that they had made modifications to the engine.

However, once many people realised that this engine was far easier to start and much safer, manufacturers began to be won over by this and soon gained marker shares as this was the world’s smallest and lightest diesel engine at the time. This engine was known as the Yanmar L series.

When the Yanmar LN series was released in 2007, this replaced the original Yanmar L series but was quickly replaced with the Yanmar LV series instead.

This engine was manufactured to keep up with the constant changes in the EU emission regulations. Unlike the other engines, this conforms with stage 5 regulation.

The Yanmar LV engine can be available with either a keyway, taper, or threaded output shaft with the standard recoil starter.

As well as having the standard recoil starter fitted to this new engine, you also have the option to have an electric starter with a built-in charging system.

More Than Just The Yanmar Engine

One tractor which successfully carries the Yanmar engine is the Yanmar tractor! Whilst this brand is known for their superior diesel engines for many other manufacturers, Yanmar have in fact made their own tractors.

They are known for being reliable, durable, robust, and robust. This means that they are known to have a very successful lifespan as opposed to some of these other agricultural machineries.

It is common for people to be less aware of the tractors than they are about the engines – after all they didn’t begin manufacturing tractors until 1977.

Many farmers have voted Yanmar as one of the very best manufacturers for diesel engines and tractors. This is why one of the biggest tractor manufacturers decided to use Yanmar once they heard about their tractors – this brand was John Deere.

By 1986, over 100,000 tractors had been shipped to the US for John Deere. However, shortly after this, John Deere stopped receiving these tractors.

One reason being Yanmar’s strong disliking to the US being a litigious society. This means that the US are likely to take any disagreement to court and sue.

However, they continued to make compact tractors for John Deere up until around 2004 when the importing finally stopped.

John Deere have stated that their tractors are not the same and whilst they may share a few parts, they did not want a cloned tractor!

Are Yanmar Engines Good

Yanmar Engines Now

With these engines being so durable and robust, you can expect a 20-year lifespan for them if they are looked after correctly.

This is why another popular brand, New Holland have taken on board their brilliant engines and begun using them in their own tractors.

This just goes to show how incredibly powerful these engines are due to the New Holland tractors being well known for their incredibly powerful horsepower.

One tractor which uses a Yanmar engine is the New Holland Workmaster 25S which uses the Yanmar 3TNV80F Three-cylinder Diesel Engine. This engine alone has a rated speed of 3000rpm with a power take off of 17.2 horsepower.

Along with the tractors which they made for John Deere, they have also manufactured a number of other agricultural and construction machinery. Some of these include:

  • Mini – excavators
  • Wheeled – excavators
  • Wheel loaders
  • Tracked carriers

Choosing Yanmar Engines

If you are looking for a reliable, durable, and powerful engine for your construction or agricultural machinery, Yanmar can be a serious contender for you to choose.

Not only do they make strong engines against their competitors, but they also provide you with just as durable machinery like the ones listed above.

Yanmar is currently operating from Japan which supplies engines across the globe to a range of different clients.

Their diesel engines are either air or water-cooled and are compact but extremely robust. Therefore, these engines are perfect for many different types and even better, they have been specifically designed to support lower emissions.

If you are looking for a reliable diesel engine for your heavy goods or agricultural machinery, Yanmar engines are the way forward!


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