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Are Perkins Engines Reliable?

Qiana Smith

March 3, 2024

Are Perkins Engines Reliable?

Marine engines manufactured by Perkins are well-known for their dependability even in challenging environments.

Trawling (no pun intended) the many boat forums that are on the internet to research if Perkins engines are reliable and you’ll find that the answer generally is a resounding YES!

Do the research yourself and you’ll find that most boat owners running Perkins engines agree about how reliable these engines are.

Like anything these days, look long enough and you’ll find naysayers and supporters but in looking up information regarding Perkins engines there is a majority singing their praises and claiming that a well-maintained Perkins engine just keeps on going!

You’ll find the odd individual in the other camp as well claiming the opposite and that depending on what part of the world you’re currently located in that parts can take a long time to reach you leaving you with a lot of downtime waiting for your boat to be seaworthy once again but as mentioned and if you take a look at Perkins own website it states that “Wherever you are in the world, you’re always local to Perkins.”

Some naysayers claim a long turnaround in waiting for parts while the pro Perkins camp state that they’ve never waited overly long for parts and that other companies can provide parts wherever you are in the world and in researching for this blog we’ve discovered a host of companies carrying stock and parts for Perkins as well as their subsidiaries FG Wilson and Lister Petter engines all around the globe and competitively priced!

Look on Perkins website and read their claim “A global company with a local presence”, our manufacturing and parts distribution facilities are spread across the world because we want to be close to our customers. They are looking for faster deliveries and shorter lead times, and our local presence means we can deliver what they want.

Perkins Marine is a subsidiary of Perkins who produce small engines for marine propulsion, with many Perkins users on boat owners’ forums across the internet claim their engine has lasted well over twenty thousand hours with just the regular scheduled maintenance and oil changes.

Perkins engines are used in the industrial, agricultural, construction, material handling, marine and power generation markets and have also been used in a wide range of machinery including tractors, generators, industrial tools, and machinery.

Perkins acquired Rolls-Royce Diesels of Shrewsbury in 1984 and has supplied British Rail with engines for its diesel multiple units (train carriages to you and me). In 1986 Perkins purchased L Gardner and Sons in the summer to complement their lighter diesel engine line.

Perkins has customers in many different industries, but the main consumer of Perkins engines is Caterpillar who have been using Perkins engines since 1970. Caterpillar also happen to be Perkins parent company when they bought them in 1998 claiming that this has made them the biggest manufacturer of diesel engines in the world!

It seems the bottom line is if you want a reliable, well serviceable engine for your marine or river-based adventures then you could do a lot worse than getting a boat fitted with one (or more) Perkins diesel engine.

Are Perkins Engines Reliable

Are Perkins Engines Made In China?

Perkins is a truly global engine brand with manufacturing sites in China, North America, South America, and the United Kingdom.

In 2007, a manufacturing plant was created in Wuxi, China, which is located near Shanghai. The purpose of this facility was to build an efficient regional manufacturing presence in order to address the demands of local Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

More than 400 people are currently employed at the facility, which has the capability of producing 165,000 engines per year.

Do JCB Use Perkins Engines?

Up until 2004, the majority of the JCB’s engines, which numbered approximately 40,000 units each year, were purchased from Perkins.

However, in more recent years JCB has been using less Perkins engines as they began their own engine production to meet their own needs. They still do use Perkin engines, but not close to the scale they did over two decades ago.

What Tractor Has A Perkins Engine?

Currently, one in five tractors worldwide is powered by a Perkins engine. The French Truck manufacturer ACMAT uses Perkins engines exclusively.

A useful resource to find a comprehensive breakdown of all Perkins engine tractor models is by going to the tractors fandom page as seeing the breakdown.

What Is The Biggest Perkins Engine?

The Perkins 4016-61TRG3 diesel engine is currently the most powerful engine in the Perkins range. The 4016-61TRG3 engine is a turbocharged, air-to-water charge-cooled, 16-cylinder diesel engine.

In regard to electric engines, the all-new Perkins 5000 Series is a full authority electronic range of inline six and eight cylinder and V12 and V16 cylinder engines, engineered specifically for the power generation market the 5000 Series from Perkins is the company’s most powerful and largest entirely electronic, electric power range.

It was developed to optimise customers’ needs for quick, reliable, and cost-effective power while also delivering reliability, high performance, and peace of mind.

Are Perkins Diesels Still Made?

Yes, Perkins Diesel engines are still manufactured and going strong. As we mentioned above Perkins has manufacturing sites in China, North America, South America, and the United Kingdom.

For over 90 years Perkins has been leading the field in the manufacturing of high-performance diesel engines and offer one of the most advanced and comprehensive range of purposely built diesel engines in the world today.

How Much Horsepower Does A Perkins Diesel Engine Have?

Perkins Diesel engines can be found at a large variety of power, with the lowest being a mere 18 HP and the Perkins 2006-12TA measuring in at a much higher 382 HP!

Did Cummins Buy Perkins?

The short answer to this is No!

Caterpillar Inc. is Perkins parent company and they bought Perkins Engines Company Limited in 1998 for $1.325 billion. Perkins has been making engines for Caterpillar since 1970 and have never been under the ownership of Cummins.

Advantages Of Perkins Generators

Perkins generators have demonstrated a wide range of benefits for any potential owner who is looking to gain access to these top tier generators. So, what are some of the characteristics which sets Perkins Diesel Generators apart from the competition?

  1. They Are Very Versatile: The fact that Perkins components can be employed in a manner that is suitable for a wide variety of contexts is the primary benefit.
    This can apply to both residential and commercial properties due to the fact that these areas do not produce a significant amount of ambient noise, and any sound that is produced can be masked by the use of our soundproof covers! This is also due to the fact that Perkins Generators operate in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  2. They Make Upkeep Simple & Convenient: The process of checking for problems can be a living nightmare, but not when the generator in question is a Perkins. As long as maintenance checks are performed on a consistent basis, there shouldn’t be too much of a headache associated with them. This is because the functioning mechanism is quite straightforward and not in the least bit sophisticated.

    As a result, the owners are able to examine it for themselves and identify any significant flaws that may exist. In the event that any problems are discovered, they are able to place an immediate repair order.

  3. Economical Running Costs: The cost of maintaining a generator is always something that should be taken into consideration, and many people who are in the market for generators hunt for the best generators available so that they can have a steady source of electricity. Because of this very factor, Perkins Generators are considered to be the best on the market. This is due to the fact that the typical daily cost of operation is lower than that of the majority of diesel generators. Not only will business owners that use Perkins Generators be able to afford the cost of maintaining them, but they will also save additional money from their revenues.


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