A couple of weeks ago, a farmer called in rather urgently needing some parts for an engine that was in one of his combines. We said we could help him and sourced him some parts for his engine which weren’t easy to get hold of as some of them had very long lead times. He couldn’t afford to wait a long time for any part because he had a machine down when there was harvesting that needed to be done as soon as possible due to the heatwave that hit the UK at the end of July. He needed these parts to get the crop in because some fields were literally catching on fire due to the heat and the blazing Sun. He was extremely desperate for these parts so we were able to help him find exactly what he needed and attempt to fast-track the parts in order to make sure he could get his crop in before it met the same fate. Thanks to the expertise and willingness of our team, he was able to have the parts faster than he imagined and told us he was very happy with the service we provided.

In addition to this, we have supplied a number of engines fitted into agricultural machines to ensure everything runs like clockwork for the farmers at this important time of the year!

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