Harvesting approaches…

As the warm weather starts to take a hold, the fields start to turn and we’re not far off the months where we hear the roar of harvesting machines running through the night.  Along with that goes the busy rush of tractors relaying from field to farm and the steady drone of moisture extraction equipment to add to the medley.  Hectic, but fun…if you’re prepared.


Are you ready?

There would be nothing worse than the corn turning and you not be able to haul it in.  Diesel engines are the heartbeat of the operation but they need a bit of care if they’re going to last forever.  Read on to see some quick tips on general engine checks.


Engine checks…

It’s well worth running through these simple checks before you start hammering the tractors and harvesters.

  • Check the oil – when was it last changed? Engine oil should be changed regularly to avoid any dirt getting into the engine system.  This is also essential if your engine has been idle through the winter months as the oil could have changed state with the cold weather.
  • Check your batteries – Summer heat can cause corrosion and fluid evaporation so it’s worth giving the battery a full check before getting going.
  • General engine checks – t’s a good opportunity to give the engine a full once-over.  Check for any signs of leakage, rust or areas of damage.
  • Check air filters – please ensure all filters are kept clean whilst harvesting! There’s a lot of heavy airborne dust floating around.
  • Check fuel filters – it’s a lot easier to change a fuel filter whilst in your workshop, rather than having to replace it in the middle of a field!
  • A good warm up is essential! Some equipment may not have been run up for a while so don’t underestimate the need for engine warm-up and cool-down time.  It’s essential that diesel engines are given at least 5 minutes to warm up if they haven’t been running regularly.  Plan ahead and make sure you allow time to get the engine going before pushing it hard.
  • Replenish coolant levels to avoid overheating.


Need replacements?

Have you found an engine that sounds a bit like it’s on its last legs?  Is it worth the risk running it into the busiest season of the year?  Our service exchange diesel engines are a fast way of getting a machine up to strong working order again with a fully tested and pressure checked engine that you can rely on.  We have many engines in stock of various conditions – low hours, reconditioned and quality-used.  Contact the sales team with your engine numbers on 01472 210888 to discuss your requirement.

Need spares?

Some minor repairs needed that you can sort yourself?  Industrial engines can supply parts at a competitive rate for our key brands:  Deutz, Perkins, CAT, Kubota, Lister-Petter.  Contact our Parts team on 01472 210888 to discuss your engine parts requirements.