Oftentimes, people struggle to find their serial number, which can often be tucked away in some awkward corner on an engine. We’ve put together some pointers on where to find your serial number on each of our core brands: Perkins, Deutz, Kubota, Cat and Lister Petter.


Perkins – On a Perkins engine, there is a plate under the injection equipment, which has the serial number stamped into it. For each model of Perkins engine, there is a build list that starts with 2 letters, followed by 5 numbers. The serial no. comes directly after this, starting with another letter and 6 more numbers. Often, there is another letter on the end, which relates to the year of manufacture (Example: HP50995U980055N)


Deutz – On the Deutz 1012/1013 and 2012/2013 engines, the serial number (often called Motor No.) is normally on a plate on the rocker cover, or stamped into the block, as shown on the image below. Deutz 912/913/914 ranges have a plate at the bottom of the engine block with the serial number stamped into it. If the plate is missing, the serial number can be located next to the injection pump, stamped into the block, see image 2.  A Deutz serial number is generally made up of 6-8 numbers.

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