Winter Engine Maintenance

Construction and Industry don’t stop just because it’s getting cold – in fact, it generally increases! We use pumps to get rid of water, excavators to clear snow – these are just a couple of diesel driven plant items that are needed more than ever in the winter season. We’ve compiled some top tips that we’ve picked up over the years, showing you how to take great care of your engine in the winter and improve its overall lifespan:

Our Engine Tips And Tricks:

  • Never underestimate the need for warm-up and cool-down time. It’s essential that diesel-powered engines are given a minimum of 5 minutes to warm up in the winter months. Plan well ahead and make sure you allow enough time to get the engine going before pushing it to its limits.
  • Keep the fuel tank full. If the fuel tank is running low, condensation can form in the tank and freeze, causing blockages later down the line in the engine mechanism. Fuel prices may keep rising but they will never outweigh the cost of a replacement engine.
  • Check your batteries regularly. Summer heat can cause extensive corrosion and fluid evaporation so it’s always worth giving the battery a full and thorough check before the cold, winter months take hold.
  • General checks and maintenance. It’s always a good idea when the opportunity presents itself to give your engine a full once-over. Check for any signs of fluid leakage, rust and corrosion or other areas of damage. This can improve its lifespan, while also improving site safety, reducing slips and falls from leaking engine fluids.
  • Replenish all engine oil and coolant levels on a regular basis, making sure that you have the relevant amount of anti-freeze at the same time. A seized engine can cause a huge amount of downtime and no end of trouble, affecting not only your business but your reputation and productivity.
  • Consider winter storage options. Are you OK to leave it out in freezing temperatures? Or is it worth giving it some shelter for further protection? In our opinion, if you take care of your engine, it will take care of you. Make sure it is stored away safely in dry and if possible warm conditions when not in use.

With 30 years of experience supplying and refurbishing diesel engines, we’ve come across many machines that have been severely neglected – especially in the winter months. A lot of the preparation you need to do is simple (and common sense) however it is important to set aside the time to do it!
By following these best practices you are sure to get the best results from your Industrial diesel engine, no matter which sector you work in.

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