Time flies when you’re having fun – certainly the case over the last 40 years at Industrial Engines. From humble beginnings, in 1978 we have grown the business year on year to a full-scale operation that can have over 300 diesel engines in operation at any one time. Not to mention our stock of engine spares we have to hand.

And yes, it has been fun. Diesel engines are one of the most amazing inventions of all time. Just stop and think of all the things that take their power from a diesel engine: diggers, dumpers, rollers, crushers, screeners, tractors, forklifts, harvesters, boats, trucks, cars – where would we be without them?! Working in the industry gives an incredible insight as to how they keep things moving all over the globe. There’s nothing more fun than supplying a replacement engine to a desperate operator to get them up and running again.

Has it all been fun? Well, there’s been the odd time where selling diesel engines has been a mucky business. But we’ve never looked back. Industry relies on power and we’re here to deliver it with diesel engines.

What’s ahead? The future for Industrial Engines continues to look promising. With a whole bank of service improvements up our sleeve, our mission gets stronger. To satisfy is our satisfaction – this drives our passion to continually develop to further support the wheels of industry.

Keep in touch with us to find out more about how we’re delivering the power to industry.